Alan (Skip) Faber ’14

Skip is in his second year of dental school at the University of Michigan, where he decided to “pursue the ’research pathway’ within our curriculum,” he wrote, “where students get the opportunity to complete an independent research project in one of the dental school labs. I joined the school’s main microbiology lab and am currently writing up my proposal for a research project concerning the role that certain pathogenic oral microbes may play in the development and progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma. I performed and presented a literature review of the same subject for my master’s thesis in the department of molecular and integrative physiology at UofM, so it is nice to keep that work going.” During his K days, Skip was involved in a research collaboration with Professor Emeritus of Biology Paul Sotherland and alumnus Ed Dzialowski ’93 in the latter’s laboratory at the University of North Texas. Skip wrote to Paul, “I must say that the experience that you and Ed provided me–including travel to UNT to be a part of the awesome endothermy project–gave me the itch to pursue research further in the master’s program and in dental school. It was a pretty special feeling to be able to leave a small stamp on the science world.”