Photo of Professor David Barclay.

Retirement’s No End-of-History for This K Prof

One of K’s iconic scholars has “retired.” With at least three books underway and his work for the German Studies Association, David Barclay’s retirement is much like his life at K.

Photo of Professor Madeline Chu.

Key K Asian Studies Architect Reflects on a Three-Decade Project

Retiring Chinese professor Madeline Chu describes three distinct decades of achievement–bringing China to K; bringing K to China; and expanding the foundation of the program.

Photo of Jonathan Manuel Romero Robles '13 during a trip to San Francisco.

Change Advocate Developed Organizing Skills at K

Political science and philosophy double major Jonathan Romero ’13 shaped his K-Plan to help develop the skill that is central to his life and work: implementing change.

Photo of Bruce Maylath '80.

K Alum Loves the Babel of Languages

A professor of English at North Dakota State University, Bruce Maylath ’80 leads a project to grow appreciation for the incredible diversity of language across the globe. It’s a program with K-Plan DNA.