K-Tucky Derby

K River Anthology

Visit K’s Story Zoo. Take a minute, or three, or seven. You’ll find Rose Kennedy, the K-Tucky Derby, the S.O.B., a beach in Crissey, “Late Minutes” lock up, a 10-Best list topped by the Quad, and much more. You can add your own story.

Students and Faculty by the unfinished Fitness and Wellness Center

LEED-Like Leaders

Kalamazoo College’s new fitness and wellness center will be green in large part because of the efforts of two student LEED-equivalent auditors. The collaborative solution (so like K!) carries a nice solar-panel side effect.

Hornet Happy Hour

Happy Hour Cheers

Thanks to the Alumni Association Executive Board and the Department of Alumni Relations, Kalamazoo College has campuses (sort of) in some 25 cities throughout the country. You can join one, or create your own.

Hornet logo grey scale

Investigation Leads to Changes

A joint investigation by Kalamazoo College and the National Collegiate Athletic Association determines three violations that the College has corrected. K has appealed the penalty of a postseason ban and prepared should the appeal be denied.