Carpe diem! Seize the day! That’s what the Class of 2012 did when it came to their yearbook (formerly Boiling Pot, nowadays OrangeZest). And that’s what alumni can do, too (those class years that are missing a yearbook). Especially the Class of 2008—now, and quickly—so YOU can have your yearbook (a.k.a. OrangeZest) by Homecoming 2013, the occasion of your fifth-year reunion. Can’t think of a better anniversary present!

First, some back story. The last publication of a yearbook had been in 2005, which meant no Boiling Pot existed for the Classes of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. In addition, yearbooks were never done for the Classes of 1987 and 1992.

Director of Publications Lisa Darling enlisted Katy Sly ’12 to take a stand and restore the College’s yearbook tradition. They found allies in the Alumni Relations Office and the Archives (accurate yearbooks are vital for the College’s historical record as well as its publications). Darling and Sly and their team were willing to work hard (and they did! Check out the result!) to restore the tradition, but they also wanted to make some key changes. In addition to the name change (OrangeZest) the new yearbooks will be published online, offering users the opportunity to read and peruse them there and even purchase a hard copy.

And OrangeZest is what its editors call “crowd-sourced,” meaning the content is created by the class members. In fact, no crowd, no yearbook. “We need students [and for those missing years, alumni] to submit photos from their four years as K students,” says Shoshana Schultz ’13, the editor of her class’s OrangeZest. Alumni from any classes with missing yearbooks can begin to submit photos now. The OrangeZest for those years will be assembled and presented on the occasion of the class’s next reunion.

Online submission is easy and quick, and the solicitation form elicits the captioning information so  vital for fun and accuracy. “If you don’t’ have digital copies of your photos,” says Schultz, “you can visit your local photo shop and ask them to convert the prints to digital files, or you can scan them yourself.”

Alternatively, “you could send us your print photos with a return address and we’ll do the scanning,” adds Schultz, “but we cannot guarantee the photos will come back to you in the exact condition we received them.”

The photos you choose can be any image that tells a story of important people, places, or moments during your four years at K. “This could mean a photo of you on study abroad, a campus event your first year, or even a party off campus,” says Schultz.

But make sure your submissions have sufficient resolution for printing (electronic and paper). “That means the file size of the image must be between one and 10 megabytes (MB),” explains Schultz. “If it’s that size it can be any dimension.” WARNING: Photos from Facebook often do not meet this requirement. But, says Shultz, “Photos taken with iPhones and digital cameras, and photos that have been digitally scanned, are typically larger than 1 MB.”

Sly and
"Seize the day, 2008!"
Schultz have done their due diligence in terms of succession planning. OrangeZest editors for the next three years have already been selected. They are Laurel Prince ’14, McKenna Kring ’15, and Kendal Kurzeja ’16.

And that brings us to the Class of 2008. Sharing the co-editorship of its yearbook are Donna Aguilar ’15 and Associate Director of Alumni Relations Christy Honsberger. But it’s up to the members of the class to create their own OrangeZest. Editors Aguilar and Honsberger want the Class of 2008 to have its yearbook when class members return for their class reunion in October. For that to happen, they need submissions by March 1, 2013.

Seize the day, 2008!

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail Christy Honsberger, or call her at 269.337.7246.

Photo 1 - Shoshana Schultz and Christy Honsberger feel zesty when it comes to K’s yearbook tradition!
Photo 2 - Bruce Cantor ’86 does the limbo. (Boiling Pot)
Photo 3 - 2005 classmates on campus (from left): Megan Erskine, D’Angelo Bailey, and Lisa Findley. (Boiling Pot)
Photo 4 - Soccer players and coach (from left): Rachel Pitzer ’12, Jenn Gateley ’12, Julia Schroeder ’12, and Bryan Goyings ’07. (OrangeZest)
Photo 5 - Students enjoy some R&R. (OrangeZest)

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