Class of 1997

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 20
7:00 p.m.
Class of 1997 Informal Gathering
Bell’s Eccentric Café, 355 East Kalamazoo Avenue
Please join your class for an informal gathering at Bell’s to kick-off your reunion weekend!
Note: Bell’s does not take reservations and tables can be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis. .

Saturday, October 21
1:00 p.m.
Class of 1997 Reunion Photo
Stetson Chapel

4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Guided Campus Tour
Begin in Red Square between Mandelle & Dewing Halls
Join the guided campus tour at 4:30 p.m. with your class. Visit a mix of nostalgic and new highlights of campus with the Office of Admission student tour guides. The Kalamazoo College Athletic Field Complex will not be included on this tour.

5:45 p.m.
A Reunion Performance by Goat Lozenge, K College’s 90’s Student A Cappella Group
Connable Recital Hall, Light Fine Arts Building
Here in 21st century America, we can’t seem to get enough of music that’s delivered in the “a cappella” vocal style. But believe it or not, that wasn’t always the case. Long before there was Pitch Perfect 3… There was Pitch Perfect 2. And long before that… There was just plain Pitch Perfect. But long before *that*, there was… A Better Breakfast, a group of K college students who sang popular tunes throughout 1996 and ’97 without the accompaniment of instruments (although a year before that, there were the Aqua Pelicans, another similar group on campus… But let’s stay focused here.) However, they were as famous for their tendency to change names as their honey-laden harmonies. So if “A Better Breakfast” doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps “The Colorfast Washables,” “The Perry Comophobes” or – regrettably, in retrospect – “Sex with Miners” does? Well on Saturday, October 21st, after a twenty-year absence from the medium they helped popularize (for a very small portion of the population), they will become “Goat Lozenge” and make a triumphant return to the stage they once called home: Connable Recital Hall. And any concerns that the extended time apart might’ve dulled their once-magical powers will be immediately alleviated as the lights go down, the crowd falls silent and it becomes clear that this… *this* is the sound of a group that must’ve practiced for an hour or two earlier that same day. Let’s party like it’s 1997.

6:30 p.m.
Class of 1997 Reunion Celebration
Lobby, Light Fine Arts Building
Enjoy the company of your classmates as you celebrate your 20th reunion.
Heavy Appetizers: $35/adult, $15/child (5-12)
Each guest will receive 3 complimentary beer/wine tokens.

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Reunion Committee

Reunion Chairs and Class Agents
Alexandra (Foley) Altman

Corey Schultz

Committee Members
Bridgette Sparkman Borg

Jeff Hotchkiss

Elizabeth Lindau

Matt Priest

Steve Strecker

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