Bloomfield Hills K Talk featuring Associate Professor Taylor Petrey, ThD

Taylor PetreyK Talk: Proclaiming the Family:
Gender and Sexuality in Mormonism

Thursday, April 12
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Congregational Church of Birmingham, United Church of Christ
1000 Cranbrook Road Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 –

Please join us for an evening presentation and discussion with Taylor Petrey, ThD,
Associate Professor of Religion at Kalamazoo College.

Hosted by: Kevin Howley ’81 & Jason Tylenda, Dan & Kristin Gunnerson Pingree

The presentation will discuss how Mormons have played an important role in the political and social battles over gender and sexuality The LDS Church has seen itself as a defender of a particular version of family that they fear is at risk and, for that matter, the concept of gender itself. In response to these concerns, Mormons have actively participated in highly visible ways to oppose same-sex marriage propositions (California Prop 8) and, over time, have actively fought against the ERA and other civil rights measure that might be seen as a threat to family and gender. Dr. Petrey will explore why Mormons have adopted these socio-sexual theories about society and how they have tried to practice them.

Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for conversation and camaraderie with fellow Kalamazoo College alumni and friends. Beverages and dessert will be served.

Taylor Petrey ThD, is an associate professor of religion at Kalamazoo College. He is the author of numerous articles on gender, sexuality, and religion. His first book, Resurrecting Parts: Early Christians on Desire, Reproduction, and Sexual Difference, looks at gender fluidity in early Christianity. He was a visiting associate professor of Women’s Studies and Sexuality at Harvard Divinity School in 2016-17, where he was developing a forthcoming book manuscript titled Divining Gender: Sexual Difference in Modern Mormonism.

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