Etiquette Dinner for Juniors


Real World Etiquette and Dinner

Britta Muller Boer '90

Brita Muller Boer ’90, Senior HR Generalist for Bell’s Brewery

Hosted by the Office of Alumni Engagement, this free three-course meal is designed to give you real world practice in an environment that encourages discussion and questions. Join Brita Muller Boer ’90, the Senior HR Generalist for Bell’s Brewery for her presentation on social etiquette rules that everyone should know when engaging with business professionals. You will dine with K alumni and learn the soft skills needed to gain confidence in yourself, so when it’s time to shine, you can focus on your strengths and not your manners.

Why are there two forks? Who orders first? Where should I keep my phone? You will learn the answers to all of these questions, while learning conversation starters and get advice from alumni on what makes a good first impression.

WHEN: Monday, May 18 (8th week)
WHAT TIME: 6 – 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Hick’s Center Banquet Room
ATTIRE: Business Casual

Takeaways from the dinner will include:
* The soft skills needs to feel confident walking into an interview
* Knowledge of the unwritten social rules that are expected in a professional setting
* Find out what to wear, depending on the company and occasion
* Be able to focus on your qualifications for the job, not your manners

All Juniors will receive five C.H.I.P points for attending this event.Chip 5 Points

Register for the Etiquette Dinner

IMPORTANT! Do not register to attend this dinner unless you are fully prepared to attend, and stay for the entire meal. This is a limited seat event so if you sign up and can’t make it, let us know so someone else can have your spot at the table and the opportunity to learn. Seats are limited for this event so register soon. Hosted by the Office of Alumni Engagement.

Should I sign up for the Etiquette Dinner? Take the quiz below to find out if you know the basics.
True or False?
1. You should enter and exit your seat from the left side of the chair.
2. When seated at a dining table, all dishes should be passed to the left.
3. If you drop a utensil while dining in a restaurant, it would be appropriate to bend down and pick it up right away.
4. Salt and pepper should always be passed together.
5. When finished eating, your napkin should be placed on your plate.
Find out the answers and many more tips on manners and etiquette at the dinner.

For more information or questions, please contact Kerri Barker, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement at