Wrapping up loose ends

I recently attended my very last Index meeting of the year. The Index is our student run newspaper that is committed to distributing timely and relevant news about the goings on at Kalamazoo College. The cool thing is that we are the only news source for things of that nature, so we tend to stick to the activity and vitality of the world in which we live – the K Bubble.

Over the past year, I served as the News Editor – a role that I essentially walked into when one of my best friends declined the offer. I had never written or worked for the paper before and thought it would be a cool chance to get to learn the inner workings of the College and hopefully bridge gaps between students and their knowledge of campus news. Starting in the fall, I took up this post and my fellow editors and I put out a solid paper week after week.

A couple of weeks ago we appointed the editors for next year and I am so excited to see what they do with the paper. It is a group that is dedicated to creative and professional journalism and that has the passion to transform the paper into a palpable source of information for the K community. We are not the only student leaders facing a transition from this year to the next. RAs, peer leaders, LandSea leaders, Student Commission members, countless on campus job opportunities, and student groups are transitioning into their leadership positions for the 2012-2013 school year.

Being an RA on the way out, we are wrapping up the year with our final programs and community builders for our halls. We just got all the information for closing which will be happening sooner than we realize. ResLife is anticipating the future first years arrival in the fall and I have already showed my room to the RA that will live in it next year!

It is crazy to think that our 33 weeks of school is almost up and that in a short while, I will be able to call myself a junior. I will be half way done with my time here at K. CRAZY. But the best is yet to come and all those things that we leave behind when we are away from campus will be there when we get back, although there will have new faces and fresh ideas. There is so much left to do in these last few weeks! Let the freaking out begin.