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Visiting Professors, Crystal Ball and Art Hop

Recently, Profesor Amelia Katanski brought Matthew Fletcher, a professor of law at Michigan State University, and editor of Turtle Talk, to discuss Tribal Sovereignty in the 21st Century: On VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), Same-Sex Marriage, and Modern Tribal Controversies. He has written quite a bit about tribal sovereignty and has recently been included in a Room for Debate article in the New York Times about Tribal Rights vs. Racial Justice. His talk was quite enlightening and gave perspective as to how the United States has treated Native American nations throughout the country. He discussed VAWA in great detail and described the frustrations that tribes have had with being unable to give justice to individuals who commit violent acts on their land, and how often tribes don’t have the resources to fix injustices. I always look forward to speakers who bring a fresh perspective to campus.

On a completely different note, K just had its famous Crystal Ball, a night where students are able to break gender and sexuality norms. It’s one of my favorite events that K hosts, and I have to say that I looked pretty fly that night.

 It was a blast dressing up my male friends in fishnets, dresses and helping them put on make-up. Several of them commented on how impractical it was to be expected for females to do this to themselves every day. I really enjoy Crystal Ball for this reason – it opens up a dialogue as to what is expected of each gender and sexuality.

Art Hop was also this week. Art Hop is a monthly event that happens all across Kalamazoo that really brings the community together. Artwork is hosted throughout an array of restaurants and buildings and everyone is welcome to view it and discuss with artists about their pieces. Sonia Baez-Hernandez, a fellow at the Arcus Center, had her work displayed in the Park Trades Center. Her work primarily deals with her experiences with breast cancer and how it relates to minorities, gender and social justice.

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Courtney Wise is a senior at Kalamazoo College. She is an anthropology/sociology major with a community and global health concentration. Courtney studied abroad in Varanasi, India for six months from July to December of 2013. Outside of academics, she enjoys running on the cross-country team, making puns, eating, stimulating conversations, and playing Scattergories.