Things to Do in Downtown Kalamazoo (Part 1)

One of the downsides to being at college so far is feeling isolated from the outside world since I am constantly on campus. While I love the small size of K (that’s one of the reasons why I chose to come here), I sometimes wish I were at a bigger school since it provides more opportunity for activities to do and you meet new people daily.

The advice I wish I was given during the beginning of year would be to go off campus more. While that may be hard to do without a car, there are still some fun things to do Downtown that are within walking distance.

 1) Go to an Art Hop
Art Hop is a monthly art festival help downtown (it’s only a ten minute walk) where most of the stores display art and have free food.
2) Shop at Terrapin World Wide Imports
Terrapin is a really cool store, that sells some unusual and interesting things. Also they are Fair Trade certified!
3) Climb at Climb Kalamazoo
Indoor rock climbing is fun and a good way to stay in shape. Plus you can get PE credits out of the way! (Here at K you have to take 5 PE classes that equal 1 credit, 0.2 credit per class)
4) Read and shop at the Kalamazoo Public Library
The Public Library is one of the examples of modern architecture in Kalamazoo, plus they sell used books in the lower level
5) Take a class at the Kalamazoo Arts Institute
The KIA is the major art museum in Kalamazoo and they offer affordable art classes in many different areas. I’ve taken a pottery class and it was a great way to relax from all the pressures here at K. They also have some cool exhibits and a gift shop.
6) Eat at Food Dance
Food Dance is a great restaurants to go to when your parents come to visit. Most of the food is locally grown.
7) Drink Tea at Tudor House Tea & Spice
Tudor has really good, fresh, loose leaf tea that’s pretty inexpensive.
8) Buy a book/magazine/newspaper at Michigan News Agency
Michigan News is one of the oldest business in Kalamazoo, having been in the city since 1947. 
9) Visit the Kalamazoo Valley Museum
The Kalamazoo Valley Museum has lots of hands-on exhibits that mostly focus on technology, science, and history.
10) Eat a cupcake at Garden Gate Cafe
Garden Gate has really amazing cupcakes, as well as sandwiches and hot chocolate.
These are all just some of the fun things you could do in Kalamazoo that aren’t far away from campus.
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