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The Last Quarter of My First Year

There’s a chance you’re on summer vacation right now.  That’s cool.  I, on the other hand, am writing this from the second floor of the Kalamazoo College library, where I should be studying for my Linear Algebra exam tomorrow, my Logic and Reasoning exam the next day, and my Analytical Chemistry exam the day after that.  Yes, finals week has arrived at K, just as it has as my younger brother’s high school.

We may go way later than 90% of the colleges in the country, but it’s worth it.  I honestly feel bad for people who don’t get to experience summer at college.  I can study and tan at the same time:

Studying in a swimsuit behind Hoben Hall

I have some friends who have hammocks.  It’s a good kind of friend to have.

Sometimes, they let me use them. It’s just as fun as it sounds.

Also, there’s Day of Gracious Living.  But since we have a habit of abbreviating everything here at K (for example, we substitute ‘K’ for ‘Kalamazoo College’), it’s often referred to as DOGL (pronounced ‘DOG-ull’).  One day each spring, classes are cancelled and we all go to Lake Michigan.  It was a spectacular break from classes; I can’t wait for it next spring quarter!

In the distance, you’ll see K students living graciously!

All in all, spring quarter has been the best yet.  It’s been my busiest, too.  I was a Sprite in Festival Playhouse’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” that our theatre department produced.  I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it.  Everyone was so welcoming, even though I’ve never even taken a theatre class here, much less considered a major in it!

The other sprites and I. Those are leaves on our faces!

The ending of the musical was so bittersweet- I miss it, but I’m so glad to have time for other things!  For example, my classes.  One of the most exciting things was in Analytical Chemistry, where we compiled the data we obtained in lab all quarter into a final analysis- complete with a poster!  I realize that doesn’t sound too impressive, poster-making started in preschool.  But these are the posters people put SIPs (senior individualized projects) on.  It was amazing to have the chance to make one as a first-year!

My groups awesome poster- “Determination of Chloride Concentration at the Lillian Anderson Arboretum Using and Ion-selective Electrode”

To sum up my year: I love it here.  I can’t wait to move back on September 6th for Peer Leader training.  Until then, Kalamazoo College, stay cool.

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About Marie Fiori ’16

Marie is a first-year student. Her original plan was to be a Chemistry major with a minor in Math and concentrations in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Biophysics. However, she’s considering increasing that Math minor to a major. Marie is actively involved in singing at K, whether in choir, voice lessons, or the showers of Hoben Hall. Her first love at this school, however, will always be LandSea. When not in the library or the Math-Physics Center, she can be found dreaming about study abroad. She''s excited and honored to have a (small) role in the spring musical, "Into the Woods".