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The last (free) weekend of fall in the Zoo

Every weekend, my suitemates and I spend Sundays doing homework in the lounge and then catching up on our Netflix queue so that on Saturdays, we can have as much fun as possible.  Since I’ve lived in Kalamazoo for 19 years, my suitemates usually turn to me on Saturday mornings to plan a fun day out.  This Saturday, however, they surprised me with some ideas of their own.  This weekend was a pretty fun one.

On Saturday, after brunch in the caf, we headed out to the Kalamazoo Reptile and Exotic Animal Expo, which features breeders of snakes, lizards, and more.  My roommates and I are avid snake fans, so it was really fun to see all of the breeds and hold a few of them!

Snakes at KREAE

My roommates couldn't stop cooing over each snake that we saw.

My suitemate Kaeli used to have a snake of this breed, so she was ecstatic to reunite with one. He was squirming around so fast that he almost got lost in her sweater!

There were even a few furry friends at the expo, which made me miss having a pet in the dorms.  Can you imagine studying with a bunny burrowing next to you?

Holding a bunny at the KREAE

This is the first time I've ever held a bunny, but now I can’t stop thinking about getting one of my own. He was the sweetest thing!

It a great distraction from the work I have to do in preparation for the tenth and final week of the quarter…although I should probably get around to doing that. Since we’ll spend the majority of next weekend studying for our Sunday afternoon finals, this little adventure was a great way to spend our last weekend together before winter break.

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