Test Optional

Kalamazoo College students go beyond “All the above.”
Your four years of academic and extracurricular achievements are much better indicators of your future success than the four hours you spent taking a test one Saturday morning. Therefore, Kalamazoo College does not require students to submit the ACT or SAT to apply for admission; however, students may submit standardized test scores if they choose. With that in mind, your application will be read and reviewed even if you choose not to send us official score reports.

More information about the announcement can be found here.

International students can learn more about test scores that may be required of them to demonstrate English proficiency here.


Why is Kalamazoo College a test optional school?
External studies show standardized test scores have little broad predictive value for undergraduate success, and a two-year internal study conducted by the K faculty’s Admission and Financial Aid Committee supports that finding. The two-year K study demonstrated that high school GPA is the best and most consistent predictor of collegiate success, across race and ethnicity categories; whereas the predictive value of test scores is limited and varies across racial and ethnic categories. Utilizing test optional admission practices is a more equitable system for all applicants.

How does Kalamazoo College evaluate students who DO NOT submit test scores?
Admission is determined by high school grade point average, academic rigor of the high school curriculum, the application essay, and participation in co-curricular activities.

How does Kalamazoo College evaluate students who DO submit test scores?
Test scores are used as additional application material, much like letters of recommendation. Test scores do not have a direct impact on the admission decision, but they provide context for the student’s application.

If I choose not to submit my test scores, will I still be considered for merit-based scholarships?
Yes! All students who apply to Kalamazoo College are automatically considered for merit scholarships. The criteria used to award merit scholarships are high school grade point average, rigor of the high school curriculum, and the application essay.

How do I know if I should send my test scores?
The decision to submit standardized test scores is completely up to the student. If you believe that your test scores are a strong representation of your academic achievement and potential, you should submit them. If you believe your test scores are a stronger indicator of your academic potential than other aspects of your application, you should submit them.

I’m an international student; do I still need to submit test scores?
International students are not required to submit the ACT or SAT, but may choose to submit scores from either test to demonstrate English language proficiency. Learn more about language proficiency and other international application requirements here.

I’m a home school student; do I still need to submit test scores?
The test optional policy applies to homeschool students and traditional students alike; homeschool students are not required to submit test scores.

How does Kalamazoo College obtain my test scores if I want them to be considered?
Test scores must be sent through the testing agency; ACT or SAT. Kalamazoo College does not accept self-reported or High School transcript test scores.