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But what is there to do in Kalamazoo?

When you first arrive to Kalamazoo, it may seem like there isn’t much going on in this town. Trust me, we have all felt that at one point or another in Kalamazoo. But we have gathered a list of fun … Continue reading

My Visit Experience

When I was applying to college, I really just wanted to get away from home and get as far away as possible. When my high school’s college counselor recommended I look at Kalamazoo College, I wanted to laugh—actually I might … Continue reading

How I chose K

Life is full of choices. We choose what to wear every day. We choose what to eat every day. We also choose things like how to spend our free time. We make these choices every day, but there are also … Continue reading

Now I see the appeal

As a young and confused high school senior, I came to visit Kalamazoo College during a Visit The Zoo weekend. In my complimentary folder I found my itinerary, my meal tickets and a ticket for something called Frelon. I entered … Continue reading