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Welcome to New York

“When did it hit you?” someone asked me the other day. I knew exactly what they meant. They meant when did it hit me that I was no longer on my tiny Kalamazoo campus but instead living in New York … Continue reading

Workshop for Rebel Actors

I stumbled into the Dungeon Theater carrying a full backpack full of personal artifacts, a bag of my strangest clothes and something my friend called a “bondage bar.” These were all materials an email detailed as necessary for Guillermo Gomez-Peña’s … Continue reading

Believe in the Star

I’d never really seen a celebrity before. I thought I saw Gloria Steinem on a public bus once, but other than that I’ve television screen has always separated me from famous people. I thought this was normal until my friends … Continue reading

This is an audition?

I didn’t experience the most stressful finals, but it was still alarming to quickly yank myself away from the pressure of K and off to my friend’’s lakeside cabin where due dates were replaced by dunes and unusually sunny weather … Continue reading

Cloud 9

After eight weeks of stressful rehearsal, it’’’’s extremely satisfying to finally perform Cloud 9. Not that the play itself is stressful, but the commitment did inspire me to write a blog post about the trials and tribulations of finishing homework … Continue reading

Plays and study

For the past month, it feels like I’’’’ve been living on stage. From 6:30 until about 10:30 on Sundays through Thursdays I found a way to momentarily forget all my other commitments to assignment due dates and social obligations and … Continue reading