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Living in Oakland

At the Top This summer I took on an internship in Oakland, California at AIDS Project of the East Bay. Since I did’t have any nearby relatives to stay with, I ended up subletting a room in a nice part of the city. … Continue reading

Summer Livin’

In January or so, I started looking for summer work on K-Connect and came across a job as a camp counselor at Camp Ramapo in Rhinebeck, NY. It’s a special needs camp that helps “build relationships and inspire success.” So … Continue reading

The interview process in rural China

My research team was dubbed "the water rats" and anointed with mud at Xiaolongdi, one of the most famous dams on the Yellow River. A caravan of government cars led our bus from the hotel and down the highway, turning off onto narrow and bumpy country roads. The government cars’ hazard lights are all blinking to show off the caravan, and our bus driver … Continue reading

“Zenmeban?!” (What to do?!)

After the chaos and stress that compose exam week, I was fortunate enough to spend five days at home before flying to Pittsburgh and my summer REU. I saw all of my best buds from high school and barbecued with … Continue reading