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Bringing the World Back to K

Now that spring quarter is finally here, campus is starting to get busier for numerous reasons:  spring is just around the corner (although Michigan weather likes to hide the high temperatures until the last possible minute), anxious seniors are starting … Continue reading

Mondays. Are the busiest.

For my five housemates and me, it all starts with a 10 o’clock class. Four of us have class in the library, and three of us are in Pre-modern Chinese Literature in translation. A Chinese lit class is required for … Continue reading


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a city filled with numerous activities for the tourist, family, or citizen to participate in. From attending a local art exhibit, walking around the city for the day, to spending time with fellow Philadelphia inhabitants, there are … Continue reading


Two years ago, the thought of about 1,400 of my academic peers knowing every personal detail of my romantic life might have scared me. Granted, two years ago my romantic life could be reduced to brief moments of making out … Continue reading