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The Best Way To “Fall” In Love With Kalamazoo

School is back in session, and I can’t believe how quickly the first few weeks of school flew by! Because K College is such an academically rigorous institution, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially during fall quarter since we’re all … Continue reading

Drop the books and hit the beach

Kalamazoo College has a unique holiday called DoGL. It stands for Day of Gracious Living, but most people just refer to it as the best day of spring quarter. It is simply a day off from classes and usually sports … Continue reading

Living graciously in the Sunshine State

I got off the plane at 11:00PM. After frantic packing, driving an hour to catch a plane in Grand Rapids, and experiencing a two-hour lay-over in Baltimore, I finally made it to my warm 85 degree homeland to visit my … Continue reading

A non-Michigander’s spring break

The first week back on campus is always interesting, exciting, and what I would like to call “new.” My spring break was rather different from that of the typical “Michigander’s.” Most Michigan natives, in my observations, spend their spring break … Continue reading

Michigan throws a March blizzard

I had planned to bring you more information, stories, anecdotes, what-have-you about the exciting transition process as an “off-campus” junior living in Kalamazoo and waiting for spring quarter to begin. I went to Kalamazoo a few weeks after returning home … Continue reading

Finals approach

Often some of the most stressful times for high school students are when exams come around. Whether they are easy or hard, exams are dreaded by seemingly everyone. Once one graduates, a great feeling of freedom is reached. Then it … Continue reading

Culture shock…at home?

After five months in China, getting back to my real life in northern Michigan hasn’t been all that easy. The CIP at K warned us that reverse culture shock is actually pretty tough, and as weird as it seems to … Continue reading