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The end (of sophomore year) is near

After an extremely busy winter quarter and a less-than-relaxing spring break, spring quarter is finally here.  I’ll admit, I’ve been dreading the year passing so quickly, but spring quarter is a great time on campus. The snow melts from the … Continue reading


Every spring, all of the students anxiously await the Day of Gracious Living, fondly referred to as DoGL.  One day each spring quarter, the Student Commission President chooses a day to cancel classes by surprise to give us an opportunity … Continue reading

Winter Recovery, Spring Renewal

I seemed to have blinked and my well-needed Spring Break was over, but now that I’m settled into my newly organized room with an overview (in syllabus form) of what the rest of the term will look like and a … Continue reading

Staying on top of ninth week

This is my second Ninth Week.  Classes are wrapping up, finals are due in two weeks, and, more importantly, spring break is two weeks away.  This quarter I feel more prepared for the notoriously stressful two weeks ahead of me, … Continue reading


It’s a beautiful day in Kalamazoo. The sun is shining, the ground is covered with snow, and the students of Kalamazoo are eager to learn as eighth week begins. Professor Amelia Katanski recently invited Dr. Martin Reinhardt of Northern Michigan … Continue reading


When things get a little overwhelming, it’s good to take a step back and remember what keeps you going. It was on such an occasion, which happened to be while I was in the middle of a long reading assignment, … Continue reading

Featured Poet

Since Iʼm not doing the play this quarter, Iʼve started attending KPC (Kalamazoo Poetry Collective), a student organization that meets in the library once a week to write, workshop and discuss poetry. Poetry has never been a huge part of … Continue reading

Goodbye Barb

It was your average Friday dinner in the caf when all of a sudden a senior athlete climbed on a table in the middle of the cafeteria and proclaimed that she had an announcement to make. The other seniors in … Continue reading

An exquisite domicile is now in our possession!

     “What does that mean?” “Umm… Exquisite is grand or beautiful, a domicile is a place of living, and possession is ownership.” You can thank my snarky English-major housemate for my catchy blog title, but the point is that we … Continue reading

A day in the life

With so many Visit the Zoo events during spring quarter, it reminds me when I visited two years ago now. Looking back on it, though, it feels like decades since then. One thing visiting high school students want to know … Continue reading