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A Single Phone Call

The other day, a co-worker asked me how I ended up at Kalamazoo College. I thought back to a Saturday morning nearly a decade ago. Those of us from my high school’s cross country team who were around for the … Continue reading

My Ambiguous and Ambitious Post-Grad Plans

Kalamazoo College’s Class of 2014’s graduation just around the corner, while later than most colleges, it is just as highly anticipated by those participating. Since I’m asked numerous times per day what my plans are post-graduation, I decided to dedicate … Continue reading

An Unexpected Trail

My life has been a whirlwind of experiences since graduating from K in June 2013. Where do I start? How can I describe all that has happened? That’s a great question. I guess I’ll start by saying how exactly I … Continue reading

Connections 4ever

“Wait, you two weren’t friends before you came here?” We nod in agreement. “But you went to the same college…?” We nod. “But wait, you weren’t friends?” Our peers are astonished that Sarah and I didn’t really know each other … Continue reading