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Observations on Hungarians.

Here are a few things that I have noticed about Hungarians over the two months that I have been here. My interactions with Hungarians are not that different from those that I have with Americans. On a day to day … Continue reading

Buda and Pest – my home cities

It’s a cloudy Friday afternoon in Budapest as my roommate and I sit on our respective beds, listening to the Black Keys, our laptops open to Facebook, and the dull sounds of a restless dorm are lulling us into well-deserved … Continue reading

What can happen in a year

A year ago today, I began training to be a resident assistant for Trowbridge Hall. I had the ‘benefit’ of moving two weeks before school started for training. Benefit, indeed. There were no athletes to help me move in on … Continue reading

“Zenmeban?!” (What to do?!)

After the chaos and stress that compose exam week, I was fortunate enough to spend five days at home before flying to Pittsburgh and my summer REU. I saw all of my best buds from high school and barbecued with … Continue reading