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Live to Write

Despite my insistence that 1990 was ’about 10 years ago’, this year my class (K’94) will meet in Kalamazoo for our 20th reunion. When I visited the reunion page to start making plans, I found a link to our class yearbook … Continue reading

You know you’re an IAS major when…

1. You usually just tell people that you’re an International Studies major to save time from saying “International Area Studies” or explaining what IAS stands for. 2. You’re really good at explaining what your major consists of and why you … Continue reading

Observations on Hungarians.

Here are a few things that I have noticed about Hungarians over the two months that I have been here. My interactions with Hungarians are not that different from those that I have with Americans. On a day to day … Continue reading

Buda and Pest – my home cities

It’s a cloudy Friday afternoon in Budapest as my roommate and I sit on our respective beds, listening to the Black Keys, our laptops open to Facebook, and the dull sounds of a restless dorm are lulling us into well-deserved … Continue reading

What can happen in a year

A year ago today, I began training to be a resident assistant for Trowbridge Hall. I had the ‘benefit’ of moving two weeks before school started for training. Benefit, indeed. There were no athletes to help me move in on … Continue reading

“Zenmeban?!” (What to do?!)

After the chaos and stress that compose exam week, I was fortunate enough to spend five days at home before flying to Pittsburgh and my summer REU. I saw all of my best buds from high school and barbecued with … Continue reading