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Landing at K with a Sea of Relief

Karina Landsea 2 In today’s society when you think of camping, you usually think of luxurious RVs or spacious tents, barbequing your dinner on a grill while the kids swim in a pond nearby, lawn chairs around a bonfire, and licking s’more residue … Continue reading

My Advice to First Years

My first year at K was three years ago, but I still remember so many moments like they were yesterday. That’s why I feel confident with the ten pieces of advice I will give to you for your first year at … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Spring

As spring break comes to a close, I can’t help but think about all the refreshing opportunities that come with a new quarter. Pretty soon the snow will start melting, and I’ll be able to drag a blanket and backpack … Continue reading

Unexpected Homesickness

When I arrived on campus as a first-year this year I expected to be homesick during the fall term. However, I was caught up in making new friends and learning how to live in my own in a place far … Continue reading

Caught in the Act: A Kalamazoo Winter

Welcome to 8th week! I can not believe it already has arrived! A lot of things have been going on here like Monte Carlo which is basically a wonderful night of gambling (with fake money) and classiness.   However, I tend … Continue reading

As Time Goes On

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, marked the halfway point, halfway through the quarter, and halfway through my first year at Kalamazoo College. Things are starting to change around campus, seniors are finishing their SIPS, juniors are arriving back from study abroad, … Continue reading

The Chapel Program at K.

When I first came to Kalamazoo College in the fall, one of the aspects of my life I was worried about was my spiritual life. I wasn’t really sure of what programs were available, and I had heard that K … Continue reading

Peer Leader Training!

Peer leader training was super fun. Each day we learned more and more to help our first years have the best resources available and to help them adjust to life at K. We would share experiences and advice, along with … Continue reading