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Art Hop

Art Hop is one of the reasons why Kalamazoo is a cool city. Happening every first Friday of the month from 5 – 7 pm, local artists exhibit their unique work. One of the art hubs in Kalamazoo is the … Continue reading

Combating the Cold

Getting ready for spring by carving tiles for a community garden

Things can get a little dull by around 7th week of Winter Term. It’s too cold to casually be outside for any amount of time, and Spring Break is a bit too far in the future to sustain high spirits … Continue reading

Welcome to New York

“When did it hit you?” someone asked me the other day. I knew exactly what they meant. They meant when did it hit me that I was no longer on my tiny Kalamazoo campus but instead living in New York … Continue reading

New York Arts

Huddled in my friend’s car, I closed the door before the rain got the interior leather any more wet than my soaking clothes already made it. “Here, check my phone,” she said. I snatched it up and typed in my … Continue reading

Workshop for Rebel Actors

I stumbled into the Dungeon Theater carrying a full backpack full of personal artifacts, a bag of my strangest clothes and something my friend called a “bondage bar.” These were all materials an email detailed as necessary for Guillermo Gomez-Peña’s … Continue reading