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Springing into New Adventures!

The majority of the sophomore class recently found out their fate with their study abroad locations for next year. I am happy to announce that I will be in Varanasi, India! I am so very excited to go and that K has afforded me the opportunity of a lifetime. I simply canʼt wait to begin my endeavor in Varanasi to begin!

Spring quarter is by far my favorite quarter at K. There is a completely new energy that completely transforms the campus. This is in part because of the sunshine and the warm air that christens Michigan in springtime, but also because of the arrival of the rest of the junior population from their time abroad. People are coming out from their dorm rooms to play frisbee on the quad, to walk to downtown Kalamazoo and to catch up and swap Spring Break stories with fellow peers.

Iʼll be taking Spanish 201, Visual Fundamentals and Understanding Violence this term. Spanish allows me the opportunity to have a class with people outside the realm of my major. Itʼs also incredibly useful to know because I work on a lot of immigration issues through the service-learning group MiRA. Next week, MiRA will be sponsoring a trip to Washington, DC to protest immigration reform on Capital Hill that Iʼm lucky enough to attend. Itʼs going to be an incredible experience to hear the stories of people from all over the country and why immigration reform is an important issue to them.

A couple of folks who went to escape to Grand Mere!

KOC hosts a lot of events in the spring. I recently went to Grand Mere on Lake Michigan on a Sunday afternoon to get away from school work and enjoy a little nature. Iʼm also trying to do as many new things as possible this quarter. Iʼve never taken a jazz dance class, so I decided to enroll in one this quarter and Iʼm loving it! Iʼm also working at Woodward School as an art assistant for kids in elementary school through the Mary-Jane Stryker institute for Service Learning. Iʼve never helped kids in a classroom setting before, and Iʼm very excited to start!

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About Courtney Wise ʼ15

Courtney Wise is a senior at Kalamazoo College. She is an anthropology/sociology major with a community and global health concentration. Courtney studied abroad in Varanasi, India for six months from July to December of 2013. Outside of academics, she enjoys running on the cross-country team, making puns, eating, stimulating conversations, and playing Scattergories.