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Spring in Kalamazoo

If you have never been to Michigan in the winter, you may not understand how excited students are that IT’S FINALLY SUNNY!!!!!! (Can you tell I’ve been waiting for this?) Although I love the snow, I have to admit I was happy to have spent one winter away from cold, snowy Kalamazoo and instead be in slighty-less-cold, slightly-less-snowy Strasbourg, France. But there is nothing like Michigan in the spring. I love walking back and forth from my house to school, biking downtown, and laying out on my porch with my friends.

Even homework isn’t so bad!

Reading on my hammock, which I set up on the porch

My housemate Josie enjoying our sunroom while doing homework and drinking maté

I look forward to Friday afternoons, when my friends and I can sit on our porch and watch students play soccer and frisbee on the field across from our house. There’s usually lemonade or iced tea involved.

Going out to eat is even more fun now that we can sit outside.

A Strasbourg reunion at Gonzo's Biggdogg Brewing

My sophomore friends out to dinner

I love going to the college’s arboretum when I am stressed. It’s a great place to walk around and escape into nature.

My professors seem to love being outside too! Sometimes, they will announce that class will be held outdoors or that when we split into discussion groups, we can choose to sit on the grass. For my English Junior Seminar, we even took a trip to the Chicago Field Museum, but got to spend some of the day exploring Chicago in the sun!

Chicago, Illinois

Next time you’ve heard from me, I’ll have probably been to the beach at least ten times. (I study, I promise!)