Social Justice Weekend

This past weekend was absolutely amazing. The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership hosted the $25,000 Kalamazoo College Global Prize for Collaborative Social Justice Leadership. It was an incredible experience to have all these inspirational people from all over the world come and speak about their social justice work. Angela Davis, Gary Johnson, Shea Howell and Kalamazoo College’’s Jamie Grant also led a discussion. Video coverage of this event can be found here.

The Kalamazoo Poetry Collective brought Outer Spaces to perform this weekend at Zoo After Dark in the Hicks Center. It was by far my favorite event K has ever put on! Outer Spaces consists of rapper Invincible from Detroit, hip-hop group Las Krudas from Cuba and Brooklynʼs duo-poetry group Climbing PoeTree. It was an unbelievably powerful performance. They empowered women, queers and those of color and their beautifully crafted words touched on issues of gender, racism, place, imperialism, capitalism, and sexuality. Many of the people who attended the Global Prize attended this event and it was the perfect way to end a weekend filled with social justice.

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Courtney Wise is a rising junior at K. She is double majoring in studio art and anthropology/sociology and is an active member of cross-country, dance, Farms-2K, and MiRA, just to name a few. She enjoys puns, drawing, stimulating conversations, and playing Scattergories. Courtney is currently studying abroad in Varanasi, India.

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