Sleeping With Bears

Being from a big city, I don’t have a lot of experience camping; this is something that I’ve been trying to change since I’ve come to college. Over the weekend, the KOC (Kalamazoo Outing Club), led a camping trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Glen Arbor, MI, which is about 4 hours away from Kalamazoo. I was excited to go on this trip since most people were at home for Memorial Day weekend, and it gave me something fun and exciting to do.

Hiking up the dunes was one of the most challenging forms of exercise I’ve had in a while; going uphill and downhill put a lot of stress on my calves. The good thing is that I was surrounded by supportive people who understood that I needed constant rest breaks. All the hiking was worth it when we got to relax by the beach by beautiful Lake Michigan (which looked almost a man-made blue).

Lake Michigan and a blue sky

A picture of Lake Michigan.

Back at the camp site we cooked burritos (which were surprisingly good) and made graham cracker less s’mores over a fire. The next day, we hiked (this time there were no hills), and we spent some time on the beach before we headed back to campus.

This trip was perfect because it provided a nice break from all the stress of school and help me to feel re-energized as my final projects come up. I was able to be out of my element and have a new experience, which is, in my opinion, the best part of life.


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