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Shh, I am studying

I want to take the time to tell you readers about the act of studying. Now, I can guarantee that every single K student is a very avid studier. The library is populated all day and night. It’s 8:15 PM, and I have been in the library since noon. This is with the exception of a trip to dinner with my best friend at 5 PM and a quick stop down to Biggby’s Coffee for a Student Commission meeting at 6 PM

So with the exception of two hours for a “break,” I have had no time to stop studying. This is not to say the workload is too much, but that the library becomes a social hub for students as much as a workspace.

Here’s how I like to decipher the different study habits of K students:

The Loud Ones: people are either loud or noisy studiers. Their location is either Biggby’s Coffee where the music blares, the first floor of the library, the common area of a dorm, or with a friend.

Quieteers: These are your quiet ones. They like to sit in the Reading Room with their laptops muted. For some, if you drop a pin or a pencil on the floor, you will anger the gods.

And then there is me. I’m that versatile person who can study anywhere, but I like it quiet. I am a fan of the Reading Room but I tend to turn my music up (with headphones, of course) while sitting there.

If I say, “Hi, my name is Mara and I’m a study-holic,” you could talk to a lot of other K students and hear the same thing.

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About Mara Richman ʼ15

Mara is a sophomore from Tampa, Florida, and a prospective Psychology major. She plays tennis for K, serves on Student Commission and K-Crew and also works in the Office of Admission. She will be spending the fall in Philadelphia as part of the Study Away program that K has to offer.