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Reflections on my Scariest May 1st

As May 1st came and passed, I (not so fondly) remembered my own decision to come to K.  My college decision process was an absolute mess.  The original plan was to apply to fifteen schools.  If you’ve already applied to colleges, you’ll realize this is an awful decision no human being should make.  Luckily, I didn’t.  I only applied to eight schools.  “Only”, in this context, is a relative word.  I got my acceptance letters, scholarships, and more college spam than I knew what to do with.  As I visited schools, the only emotions I experienced were fear and confusion as student after student spoke of how they fell in loooooove with a campus the second they stepped onto it.  I tried so hard to do just that, and I failed.  The college decision process dominated my life.  I honestly had no idea what I was going to do.  At that time, any college I was going to chose felt like settling, not selecting.  My family was so sick of me by the end of April.  My college decision was made a week before the deadline.

But in February, I remember one of the (many) conversations I had with my mom about the whole ordeal.  We were walking the dogs on an unseasonably warm eastern Michigan day.  I was fed up with everything, even by that point, and proclaimed a few strangely prophetic words.

“You know what?  I don’t know why I’m even doing all of this.  I’m probably just going to end up at K, anyway.”

And would you look at that, I was right.  The decision just sort of happened; it almost felt out of my control.  I wasn’t sure at all.  My mom assured me transferring was always an option, as my second-choice school guaranteed me my scholarship for the next two years.  Was I excited to go to college, much less K? Nope.

But then I got here.  LandSea convinced me that I’m in exactly the right place for me.  It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  I’m listening to one of my patrol’s favorite songs right now, “Dead Sea” by The Lumineers.  If you’re coming to K, do LandSea.  You won’t regret it, I promise.  It made me certain that I had made the right college choice.  Because, as I’m sure you’re quite aware, it’s kind of a big deal.

K does so much to acclimate its students to college life, to make sure they can succeed both at the College and beyond.  I am so happy to be in an environment where I can learn and live with some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

It might have taken me a little longer than some, but I am head over heels (an expression I never quite understood, your head is normally above your heels) in love with Kalamazoo College.

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About Marie Fiori ’16

Marie is a first-year student. Her original plan was to be a Chemistry major with a minor in Math and concentrations in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Biophysics. However, she’s considering increasing that Math minor to a major. Marie is actively involved in singing at K, whether in choir, voice lessons, or the showers of Hoben Hall. Her first love at this school, however, will always be LandSea. When not in the library or the Math-Physics Center, she can be found dreaming about study abroad. She''s excited and honored to have a (small) role in the spring musical, "Into the Woods".