The Kalamazoo College Theatre Arts Department believes that learning about plays and theatre history is a great way to study politics, literature, history, and culture. We produce three mainstage shows each year in addition to the student-directed plays in our Senior Performance Series. We collaborate with the music department on a musical every other year. We also produce student written plays. The college has a successful student improv company, and the city of Kalamazoo has many theatre companies which produce a wide range of work. Our students intern at theatres in Chicago and New York, and we enjoy professional guest artists on a regular basis.

To make all this happen we depend on theatre artists like you—performers, designers, technicians, writers, and directors.

To submit an Arts Supplement, please submit the following materials online through SlideRoom (to integrate with CommonApp please have your ID ready).

  • A theatre résumé (training, classes, performances, crew experience, leadership positions, awards, and festival participation).
  • Submit the requirements specified below:
    • Video of a memorized performance of two contrasting monologues. The total time of both monologues together must not exceed four minutes. Time your pieces!
    • Introduce your pieces only by giving the name of your character, play, and author.(EXAMPLE: “Hello, my name is Ellen Barker. Today I will be performing Betty from Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill. And Viola from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.”) Please do not give any other information about the character or the plot of the play.
    • Choose single character monologues. Refrain from impersonating several characters talking with each other. Also, do not choose a piece that requires a dialect.
    • Try to find a character within your own range (age, personality, type, etc). It’s best to do a character from a play, rather than a screenplay for film or television. Make sure you make EVERY effort to read the whole play if your piece is from a book of monologues. Select monologues that you personally find exciting. They should be pieces you LOVE to do! Definitely have an acting teacher or drama coach help and evaluate your pieces before submitting your work.

Your materials will be carefully reviewed by our professional faculty. Please address any questions to Marcus Johnson.

Find out more about our Theatre Arts Program here