The campus is full of musical activity. We have three choirs, a jazz band, a concert band, a full symphony orchestra, private instrumental and vocal instruction, a chamber music program, and several international percussion ensembles.

And our offerings are part of a larger tapestry of vibrant music-making in greater Kalamazoo. You’ll find a professional orchestra, an active downtown jazz scene, a world-class chamber music series, and the Gilmore Festival, North America’s largest biennial gathering of keyboard artists.

Even if you do not plan to major in music, we want accomplished musicians on our campus, and we encourage you to include supplementary materials with your application. These materials can have a positive impact on your admission decision and can double as the portfolio submission for our Enlightened Leadership Award for the Arts scholarship!

When you apply for admission, indicate on the Common Application that you will be submitting a portfolio.  You can then upload your portfolio at (to integrate with CommonApp please have your ID ready). You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • A current resume of music study, teachers, ensembles, competitions, awards, and other evidence of artistic leadership.
  • An audition consisting of two or more contrasting works (e.g. aria and art song; sonata movement and concerto movement; repertoire of different centuries, etc.) which best illustrate the breadth and quality of your technical and artistic achievements. The audition must be submitted in one of the following formats:
    • A live, on-campus audition. For instrumental auditions, accompanists are not required. For vocal auditions, an accompanist can be provided..
      To arrange an on-campus audition, please schedule an Individual Visit through our website. Please indicate in the comments section if you require an accompanist for your audition.
    • A real-time Skype audition. This option is geared toward those students whose location may prevent a campus visit.
      To arrange a Skype audition, please contact Sharayl Moore at
    • An unedited audio or video files, uploaded online. When recording files, please use the highest quality video and audio devices available to you. The submission should be recorded as if you are at a live audition.
      This option should be utilized only when an on-campus or Skype audition is not feasible; although all submissions will receive equal consideration, a live audition is strongly preferred.

Your materials will be carefully reviewed by our professional faculty. Please address any questions about the arts supplement submission process to Marcus Johnson. Please address any questions about the suitability of repertoire selection to Susan Lawrence.

Find out more about our Music Program here