Apply for Music Scholarships, Theatre Scholarships

Students who submit scholarship materials are eligible for the $5,000-a-year awards. Scholarship recipients are expected to participate in ensembles and productions related to their talent. The deadline to apply is Jan. 15.

Music Scholarships for Non-Music Majors

Music scholarships and theatre scholarships of up to $5,000 a year are available to prospective students.

Music Scholarships

Music scholarships for non-music majors and majors alike are available. Recipients will meet at the beginning of the academic year to discuss their ensemble opportunities. Kalamazoo College has two student choirs, a jazz band, a concert band called Academy Street Winds, a full symphony orchestra that combines community members and students called the Kalamazoo Philharmonia, private instrumental and vocal instruction, a chamber music program and several international percussion ensembles. Vocal students also have an opportunity to perform in the community-based Bach Festival Chorus, which is hosted by the College.

For music scholarships, have your Common App ID ready and please submit:

  • a current résumé of music study, teachers, ensembles, competitions, awards and artistic leadership.
  • an audition consisting of two or more contrasting works (e.g. aria and art song; sonata movement and concerto movement; repertoire of different centuries, etc.) illustrating the breadth and quality of your technical and artistic achievements. The audition may be conducted as:
    • a live, on-campus audition. For instrumental auditions, accompanists are not required; for vocal auditions, an accompanist will be provided upon request.
      To arrange an on-campus audition, please schedule an individual visit. Please indicate in the comments section if you require an accompanist for your audition;
    • a real-time Skype audition. This option is geared toward students whose location may prevent a campus visit. To arrange a Skype audition, please contact our visit coordinator; or
    • an unedited audio or video file uploaded online. When recording files, please use the highest quality video and audio devices available to you. The submission should be recorded as if you are at a live audition. This option should be utilized only when an on-campus or Skype audition is not feasible. Although all submissions for music scholarships will receive equal consideration, a live audition is strongly preferred.

Theatre Scholarships

The theatre department produces three main stage shows each year in addition to the student-directed plays in our Senior Performance Series. It also collaborates with the music department on a musical every other year and produces student-written plays. The college has a successful student improv company, and the City of Kalamazoo has many theatre companies. Our students intern at theatres in Chicago and New York, and enjoy professional guest artists on a regular basis.

The department depends on theatre artists like you — performers, designers, technicians, writers and directors — who are theatre majors and non-theatre majors. Theatre scholarship recipients will meet at the beginning of the academic year to discuss the opportunities available to them. Recipients are expected to participate in theatre department activities for at least two terms per academic year.  This might include performing, working on technical or production crews, stage managing, working front-of-house, or enrolling in a theatre arts course.

When you apply for admission, indicate on the Common Application that you will submit a portfolio for a theatre scholarship.  The submission process will integrate your portfolio with your Common App. Please have your ID ready. You will be asked to provide:

  • a current résumé listing your theatre-related activities;
  • the requirements specified below for performance and/or design/technical.
    • Performance (acting/directing)
      • Video of a memorized performance of two contrasting monologues. The total time of both monologues must not exceed four minutes.
      • Introduce your pieces only by giving the name of your character, play and author. (Example: “Hello, my name is Ellen Barker. Today I will perform Betty from Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill. And Viola from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.”) Please do not give any other information about the character or the plot of the play.
      • Choose single-character monologues. Refrain from impersonating several characters talking with each other. Also, do not choose a piece that requires a dialect.
      • Try to find a character within your range (age, personality, type, etc.) It’s best to do a character from a play rather than a screenplay for film or television. Make sure you read the whole play if your piece is from a book of monologues. Select monologues you find exciting. Have an acting teacher or drama coach evaluate your pieces before you submit your work.
    • Design/Technical:
      • Portfolio of artwork: scenic, lighting or costume designs; and/or technical projects, which may include photos, poster designs, renderings, drafts and models.
      • You may also perform the two monologues mentioned above if you wish.