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Peer Leader Training!

Peer leader training was super fun. Each day we learned more and more to help our first years have the best resources available and to help them adjust to life at K. We would share experiences and advice, along with learning from seminars taught by the very people in charge of the departments – health center, advising, security, etc. We really know the college policies and resources. And in addition to knowing what to do, where to go, and who to ask, we also learn more stories form one another so we have more examples and anecdotes. In doing so, we realized that we’ve become a pretty tight group…of 42.

By day four of training, everyone was absolutely exhausted. It still befuddles us as to how we can be so fatigued when we’ve just been talking and listening for most of the day… but we’ll deal. We have also had intermittent dance parties, singing events, and other ice breakers as we’ve gone along. We’re comfortable in just about any setting at this point.

On Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend we went as a group to Burdick’s restaurant, which is downtown in the Radisson. We decided it would be best to dress up beyond the dress attire normal for Burdick’s, and we looked good. Snazzy. Dinner took forever, but I supposed that can be expected in such a large group. At least they were able to feed us!

Now that we’re almost done with training (Monday is our one and only day off until post exam week, to be honest)… but we’re mostly excited for orientation to begin. And wary of starting the quarter itself, because of our other commitments I hope we are able to remain friends through the year without fading away. It’s been an exciting journey and I’m excited to help make the orientation experience as awesome as possible for the class of 2016. Wheeee!
Thanks to Zaide, Erica, Kat, Lesley, Sally, and Sodexho for keeping us hydrated and ready to go!

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About Samantha Wolfeʼ13

Sam is a senior interdisciplinary Environmental Studies major with a minor in Chinese. She has taken Chinese since high school and always had an interest in going abroad to China, which she did while a junior at K. Her summer research in China was the basis for her Senior Individualized Project. Sam is also a tour guide, a second-time Peer Leader this year and new Parliamentarian for the Student Commission, and has also taken the role as the Social Media intern for the Office of Admission.