On the Right Path: A Follow-Up to “Major Regret”

Last quarter, I wrote about my difficult decision to stray from the pre-med track and eventually choose a major (psychology) about which I am actually excited. Though it seemed like the best idea at the time, I had qualms about the possibility of regretting my newest decision. I was worried that, once psychology became my major rather than my side-interest, it would start to feel daunting and I’d end up wanting to plunge back into science classes. As it is now spring quarter, I can say with confidence that none of my fears have been realized.

I signed up for two psychology classes, one studio art class (my intended minor), and continue to work as a psychology research assistant for Dr. Liu. Despite the drastic changes in my schedule which allow for oodles of psychology, I have never wavered from my winter quarter choice. Rather than seeming tedious and irrelevant, my psych classes have made me excited to think about possible SIP ideas and are giving me the skills I will eventually need to complete a SIP in the department. They are challenging without being overwhelming, and to finally be surrounded by people who share my passions and interests is refreshing.

Even though I began later than most (I had only taken two psychology classes and one art class prior to this quarter) and even though I will be studying abroad next year, I still have ample time to complete the psychology major and studio art minor requirements with a few extra slots to spare. Perhaps it’s the warm weather getting to my head, but I cannot imagine a better schedule. Signing up for classes and pursuing a career in a field you enjoy is exhilarating, and it is arguably the best thing I’ve done for my mental health here at Kalamazoo College.

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Shelby Tuthill ‘17

About Shelby Tuthill ‘17

Shelby is a sophomore at Kalamazoo from Grand Rapids, MI. She is involved in Model UN, K Crew and cross country on campus in addition to drawing the occasional cartoon for the school newspaper, The Index. She hopes to major in psychology but still loves reading, painting and writing. She has enjoyed being a research assistant for psychology professor Dr.Liu this year.

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