On Returning to K

It never gets easy to leave loved ones behind and return to real life.  This is my fifth quarter at K, but returning from our six week winter break still feels as difficult as it did a year ago.  After six weeks of working and seeing family and friends from high school, I was, of course, reluctant to dive back into actually doing homework and changing out of my pajamas before noon.

One thing that never goes away, no matter how long I’ve been in college, is my desire to somehow corral everyone I love and put them in the same place, the same city, even the same state.  As I meet people from different places and backgrounds, I realize that each one of us has a web of people that we always miss.  We may see them for one or two weeks every year, but we always wish it could be more.

People always say that social media keeps us so hyperconnected that it’s like all of our friends and family are constantly trailing behind us, reading our posts and understanding our lives on a daily basis.  Sure, social media helps me keep updated on what people are doing while we’re apart, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop wishing that I could hear them tell me about their day in person.

Thankfully, I have forged a support system at K that makes it a little easier to leave my high school friends behind.  I have new K friends, my suitemates, and even my digitally-present old friends.  Even if I can’t see everyone I love at once, I can always find someone to lean on anywhere I go.

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About Hadley Harrison ’16

Hadley is a junior English major with a concentration in Media Studies. Instead of journeying abroad, she is spending her junior year figuring out what her next steps are before starting her SIP in the fall. In her spare time, you can find her hosting a radio show on WJMD, wasting time on the internet, or becoming emotionally invested in television shows.

2 thoughts on “On Returning to K

  1. Ahhh yes…I too remember (though long ago) being on the quarter system at Wittenberg University and returning home for the six week break during the holidays. And, truth be told, I was pretty homesick that first year away. Connecting with family and friends during the holidays meant the world to me. There is that special something surrounding the holiday season that draws us all together. Here is my question: Why do people not gather and connect like that more often, and all year long? Do we need the holiday season to do it? As a college student, I wish I would have connected more with friends and family, in spite of my rigorous schedule. And, years later, I feel the same. There are so many ways to reach out and let those you love know you care. Send a card, cook a meal, call more often. And. yes, you are busy making new friends and establishing new connections here at K, but take it from me (again college was long ago:)), you will hold those that matter with two hands, and for a lifetime.

  2. I agree Lauryn! This quarter I am trying to focus on building my friendships here at K, but still maintaining those at home. Sometimes it can be difficult to negotiate those two (very different) spheres of my life, but I’m trying my best!