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Off-Campus Dining

One of the perks of living off-campus: you get to make your own food. I suppose for some people, this is a chore. That’s how I initially thought about it, but I quickly learned to take advantage of this opportunity. I get to explore the People’s Food Co-op of Kalamazoo, the Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market, and the local grocery stores.

I love experimenting with the produce I pick up from various places. But my favorite part is learning from watching my friends cook. My best friend and housemate, Josie, is from Argentina and often learns Argentinian recipes from her mother. The other day she taught me how to make milanesa, a breaded pork.

Josie and I making milanesa

The final product

Josie and Jenny, my housemates, ready for their meal

I’ve noticed that my friends have been getting creative with what they make.

An Easter brunch

Maddie's noodle dish

JP's breakfast

I’m excited to keep making new dishes and learning from my friends!