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Nothing like Fine Wine in Tuscany

Note: I’m not supporting underage drinking, I’m only writing this because I’m off legal age in Italy.

I knew that while I was in Italy, I had to go to a wine tasting and I’m glad I went to Tuscany for a day, where I went to two wine tastings, eat a three course Italian meal and bought a leather bag. My roommates and I did it through this company Bus2Alps, which is good to check out if you do decided to study abroad in Rome

The first tasting was at Cantina Gattavecchi, which is a 4th generation family run winery located in Montepulciano. I really loved the atmosphere and having a conversation with Maria (one of family member’s that runs the place); she almost reminded me of my grandmother because everything that I said sounded interesting to her. The best wine that I tried and that I regret not buying is this dessert honey wine which was very sweet.

A view of the mountains from the winery

The second tasting was at a vineyard and while I didn’t like the wine that much, I loved being at a vineyard and getting to see the grapes and how wine is made (if someone tells you not to pick grapes in a vineyard, don’t listen to them, they are not sour and tastebetter than the ones in the market). . The fields and the landscape are beyond gorgeous.

My glass of wine enjoying the view

A view of the vineyard


Barrels of wine stored at the vineyard

So while I’m beginning to miss home a bit, homework is becoming a burden and I can’t order a cab in Italian to save my life, so far I can say study abroad is going well. I’ve made friends with my new roommates and I’m learning so much about myself and the world around me.


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