My Room

Over the past few weeks, lacking any urge to go outside in the cold, I have come to especially appreciate my room. I sleep in my room, I relax in my room, I eat in my room, and I study in my room. Because of all the time I spend there, I have become increasingly aware of the things that make my room comforting to me.

Top ten things that characterize my room:

  1. My large amount and diverse array of teas
  2. My Oregon State gymnastics posters
  3. Pictures and things that remind me of my friends and family
  4. The prevalence of the color purple
  5. The various crocheted creatures on my desk/in my closet
  6. My fluffy white carpet
  7. The presence of dark chocolate
  8. The overall presence of food
  9. French books galore
  10. A lack of functional pencils
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About Alexandra Smith ʼ16

Alexandra is a Junior from Corvallis, Oregon who is currently studying abroad in Clermont-Ferrand, France. She is a double major in French and International Studies with a minor in Economics. Sophomore year, Alexandra led a program for the Center for Civic Engagement at K and was a Co-President of the club Zookeepers. She loves dancing, painting, writing, eating, and travelling.

2 thoughts on “My Room

  1. It is interesting that where we spend our time really does come to represent who we are. Or rather, we choose to spend our time somewhere because of who we are. A dorm room, a relatively small space, really comes to represent someone just by virtue of its size. After all, you can only fit so many items in it, right? Do you remember choosing those things that you would take with you when you came to Kalamazoo from Corvallis? I am sure that you couldn’t take everything. Most likely, you chose those things most special to you, most representative of your hobbies, your interests, etc…Maybe that is why you have come to appreciate your room? Maybe it is an issue of quality over quantity?

  2. Right! Having it be a relatively small space, people really tend to make it their own. I do remember choosing things to bring from home, and each time I went home, I tended to bring a little bit more back because I would remember about a picture or a poster that I really liked. I would say it’s definitely an issue of quality over quantity, actually. If I didn’t feel so comfortable in my room I’m sure I wouldn’t be spending so much time in it!