My Ambiguous and Ambitious Post-Grad Plans

Kalamazoo College’s Class of 2014’s graduation just around the corner, while later than most colleges, it is just as highly anticipated by those participating. Since I’m asked numerous times per day what my plans are post-graduation, I decided to dedicate my last blog to the unknown (sort of).

Immediately following graduation, I will be taking photos on the quad with my friends (weather permitting) and then going out to dinner with my immediate family. About a week later, I will begin my summer internship at the Kent County Circuit Court in Grand Rapids, MI for judge and K alum Christopher Yates. I landed this position while chatting with Judge Yates at the Pre-Law Society’s annual dinner. I am hoping that this job will guide me in choosing what degree I want to pursue next: law? Masters in political communications? A PhD in philosophy? All of the above? (Probably all of the above, but we’ll see).

After the summer I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. I will most likely have another job doing something in law, but who knows.

I hope you can sense the amount of nonchalance and lack of stress in my tone for this blog, because honestly, I’m not that worried about life after K, because I truly feel that K has prepared me for whatever life has to offer me next and then some.

Cheers to the Class of 2014! Let the “more in a lifetime” begin!