Jessica Williams – Assistant Director of Admission

Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams joins the Admission Office after graduating from Kalamazoo College with a degree in psychology in 2015. While on campus, Jessica was a Resident Assistant for three years and was involved in various organizations like the Black Student Organization and K Cheer. Although graduation normally separates students from the College, joining the Admission Team is Jessica’s way of staying connected with the campus just a little bit longer.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Food: Carne asada tacos with salsa verde and a slice of avocado.

When you visit Kalamazoo, you must… EAT! Kalamazoo has so many great restaurants with a wide range of specialties that will fulfill any of your cravings.

Favorite question from a prospective student: When I travel to the warmer parts of the US, students always ask “Is it really cold in Michigan?”. I always get a funny reaction when I tell students that Michiganders wear shorts when its 50 degrees outside.

Favorite college memory: “Cafsgiving” is the cafeteria’s version of Thanksgiving that happens the Thursday before everyone leaves campus for our 7-week holiday break. The cafeteria serves a typical Thanksgiving meal (including desserts!) and this is one of the few times the entire campus eats in the cafeteria. During my time at Kalamazoo College, “Cafsgiving” has always been the moment that the campus comes together and we begin to look like a huge family.

Advice for prospective students: Take the time to visit the campuses of your top choices to see if you feel comfortable there.