David Anderson – Director of Admission

David Anderson joined the Kalamazoo College Office of Admission in 2003. He holds a B.A. in Management from Hartwick College and an M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Syracuse University and has worked at four different colleges and two independent schools throughout his career. He and his wife appropriately refer to their relationship as a “Higher Ed Marriage,” as she is the Vice President of Student Affairs at Western Michigan University. They share their home with a golden retriever named Angel and three fish tanks, including a coral reef tank, as David has been an aquarist for over 40 years. David is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling (MACAC). He has been a runner for over 35 years and has completed four marathons; he also enjoys landscaping, water gardening, and watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Hometown: Queens, NY

Favorite Food: Halibut.

When you visit Kalamazoo you must… dine at Chinn Chinn’s.

Favorite question from a prospective student: Can I sing for you? During the question and answer portion of a presentation to an AP class at a high school in Tucson, Arizona, a girl in the back of the class raised her hand and asked “can I sing for you?” I looked at the teacher who had remained in the class during my presentation and he nodded his head in approval. She proceeded to serenade me with one of the most beautiful and powerful voices I have ever heard. She literally brought tears to my eyes.

Favorite college memory: Convocation.

Advice for prospective students: Be open-minded.