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Livin’ the Food Life

One of the best parts about being an off-campus senior is my house. I like the actual structure of my house. Itʼs not perfect, itʼs a college house with creaky floors and doors that don’t quite shut straight, but it’ll do for a year. I also love the house dynamic and my interactions with my housemates. It’s a fantastic group. Here are a few of the most memorable house interactions this first six weeks:

First Week: We hosted a potluck among a bunch of the senior houses and some of the peer leaders. When I’m at home and try to pull together something like a potluck we basically end up with a vast assortment of chips and soda, plus whatever I make. At K, we had quinoa with beans, vegan pumpkin bread, veggie lasagna, shrimp with roasted red pepper sauce, and even the sophomores, who live in the dorms, brought chips and guacamole. After dinner, people stuck around into the evening and we played games and chilled.

Second Week: I baked my first loaf of bread. I was home alone when I started the project, and it was an unexpected, messy struggle. Bread takes three or four hours starting from scratch and kneading by hand. When there were ten minutes left on the timer, my housemates started coming home from their respective activities. They filed in a few minutes apart and immediately commented on the smell of baking bread and sat at the kitchen table, rather than going to their rooms. Not long after, we were all enjoying hot, delicious bread with homemade raspberry jam!

Leftover bread led to brunch on Sunday morning – we’re 6/6 of the weekends we’ve been here! French toast with almond milk. And, more importantly, bacon. We’ve also gone to the Cooper Cafe twice, early on Saturday mornings to listen to bluegrass, which has possibly become my favorite tradition. Sixth week Sunday we invited about ten people over and had pumpkin pancakes, quiche, and, again, bacon.

Fifth Week: A friend from study abroad visited over the weekend since it was fall break for both of us. On Saturday, my housemate from LA decided he wanted to see Lake Michigan in the ugly fall weather, so another housemate – from northern Michigan, like me! – drove us all to South Haven. We walked on the pier and watched the waves crashing. The swells in the harbor were huge! Once we got cold on the beach, we headed into town and ended up buying gourmet oil and balsamic, which later turned into toasted walnut brownies with chocolate raspberry vinegar drizzled on top. The brownies accompanied a board game in the living room on what has possibly been the coziest night so far this quarter.

I’m seeing now that my favorite interactions with my housemates this quarter seem to revolve not only around our own house dynamic, but also food. Being a foodie is something I’ve really come into lately, and it’s totally fine by me.

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About Samantha Wolfeʼ13

Sam is a senior interdisciplinary Environmental Studies major with a minor in Chinese. She has taken Chinese since high school and always had an interest in going abroad to China, which she did while a junior at K. Her summer research in China was the basis for her Senior Individualized Project. Sam is also a tour guide, a second-time Peer Leader this year and new Parliamentarian for the Student Commission, and has also taken the role as the Social Media intern for the Office of Admission.