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The K experience is unique because all students make a strong effort to better understand and positively influence the world around them. Even though students come from a variety of places around the world, they still choose to participate in all facets of the K-Plan. Whether abroad or locally, our students engage themselves passionately in the world. At K, you will find a supportive, diverse, and socially-conscious community, rigorous academic challenges, and a place that will welcome you warmly. We like to say that once you are here, you can do “more in four,” so you can do “more in a lifetime!”

Academics at K

Student Life at K

Experiential Education

Campus Activities

Residential Living

Kalamazoo College is a residential campus. Students are required to live on campus through winter quarter of their junior year.

Stories from Current International Students

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If you would like to contact a current student about life at K, please feel free to email askastudent@kzoo.edu.

Life After K

A Kalamazoo College education prepares students to thrive in many areas of interest after graduation.  With the skills they have obtained during their time at K, graduates have gone on to do great things in the following areas.

Graduate School

K is ranked 14th among liberal arts colleges and 22nd overall in graduates who earn PhD’s. The College ranks in the top 25 in the fields of:

  • Foreign Languages (6th)
  • Life Sciences (7th)
  • Chemistry (9th)
  • English (16th)
  • Physical Science (17th)
  • Economics (18th)
  • Psychology (20th)
  • Humanities (25th)


With a large percent of students participating in a career development activity while at K, many graduate with impressive resumes and secure employment in a variety of industries, including (with recent examples):

  • Arts (Flint Institute of Art, Mason Street Warehouse Theatre)
  • Education (Phoenix High School, Michigan State University)
  • Finance (JP Morgan Chase, Jefferies and Company)
  • Health Care (Globus Medical, Borgess Medical Center)
  • Journalism (Chicago Magazine, Thompson Reuters)
  • Non-Profit (Smithsonian, YMCA)
  • Politics (Colorado Democratic Party)
  • Science (Upjohn Institute, Northern Alaska Environmental Center)
  • Technology (Google, Lear Corporation)

Interesting Other

K consistently has graduates participate in service programs and other activities after graduation from K such as:

  • Teach for America
  • AmeriCorps
  • Peace Corps
  • Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program

Learn More From the Admission Office

We know visiting campus is not always an option (especially from half-way across the world!) so skyping and phone interviews are available. If you are interested in chatting with an admissions representative face-to-face, email our Visit Coordinator to set up an interview.