Spring in Kalamazoo


If you have never been to Michigan in the winter, you may not understand how excited students are that IT’S FINALLY SUNNY!!!!!! (Can you tell I’ve been waiting for this?) Although I love the snow, I have to admit I … Continue reading

“Hi” from India

Dilli Haat

I was told over and over again that I would suffer from “culture shock” when I returned to the United States from studying abroad in Strasbourg, France. But it turns out, I didn’t have time for that. Just a week … Continue reading

Sophomore Slump

Let me tell you, it’s hard to come back for sophomore year. I was super excited for everything I was planning on being a part of: I’m the layout editor of the Index (thekzooindex.com), an intern in the Office of … Continue reading

Finding K in the weirdest places

Today, I realized that I am exactly half way through college. Not only do I have two more years of study, but my summer just hit the midway mark. In just under seven weeks, I will be on a plane … Continue reading