I’m Thankful for Cafsgiving

Now that it’s November, the Halloween festivities are finally over and the costume craze is winding down. With Thanksgiving break in sight, students are looking forward to the holiday eagerly; classes and exams will be over and the people of Kalamazoo College get to relax until January, perhaps head home to celebrate the holidays with family.

Don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait to spend time with my parents, my sister, and my high school friends, but I find that the event I’m looking forward to most this fall is the cafeteria extravaganza known as Cafsgiving. As the name implies, this is a hybrid of a cafeteria dinner and a Thanksgiving feast. I won’t admit it to my family, but this meal is better than any Tuthill Thanksgiving meal I can remember.

Professors are slicing and serving delicious ham and turkey, the cereal dispensers are draped with tablecloths and covered in an array of breads and butters, and the classic vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt machine is replaced with pumpkin. The lights are dimmed and the whole cafeteria is perpetually packed with students, some of whom take Cafsgiving seriously enough to skip lunch in order to save room for second helpings of the best mashed potatoes and gravy I’ve ever experienced (and I haven’t even gotten to the hot apple cider and myriad of pies ranging from pecan to pumpkin to sweet potato).

Cafsgiving is more than just dinner. It’s a complete sensory experience, replete with autumn aromas, tantalizing tastes, and a unique atmosphere of excitement and togetherness. Keep an eye out for the countdown to this unforgettable feast!

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Shelby Tuthill ‘17

About Shelby Tuthill ‘17

Shelby is a sophomore at Kalamazoo from Grand Rapids, MI. She is involved in Model UN, K Crew and cross country on campus in addition to drawing the occasional cartoon for the school newspaper, The Index. She hopes to major in psychology but still loves reading, painting and writing. She has enjoyed being a research assistant for psychology professor Dr.Liu this year.