I Get By With A Little Help…

As I write this post, it is ninth week and while I don’t have any classes or assignments due tomorrow (the glories of a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule) I do have a lot of things I could be working on right now. Papers, projects, the whole shebang… But when I get stressed out I think of everything that is getting me through it all! I get by with a little help from a lot of things…

I get by with a little help from….

My friends! Luckily I have a huge support network of people I can turn to in these times of stress both on and off campus. I have friends that I can talk to from home, friends here, and friends abroad. It always brightens my day when I go on Facebook and see a message from my close friend who is abroad in Budapest right now. I always know I can tell her anything that I’m struggling with here and she will help me take my mind off things. It also helps to send a quick Snapchat or text to one of my best friends at home.

Four college students standing arm and arm outside of their dorm

Some of my best friends at K before we all left for summer break.

My family! Though it has happened only once this quarter, I always call my parents when I’m completely stressed out and just don’t know what to do. When I’m stuck on a paper or a project and just don’t know what comes next and think about just giving up school, a nice 20 minute conversation with my parents always helps. I usually end up crying at some point during this call but it always gets better. My mother seems to always be able to talk me down from the near panic attacks I have when overly stressed.

A group of adults hanging out on a lake

My parents, some family friends, and I in Wisconsin this past summer

Sleep! While some people seem to be able to work without sleep, I cannot. When I get stressed out and don’t know what to do, I go to bed. Usually when I get stressed out it’s late at night and I know that tiredness is probably contributing to the stress at this point. If I can just get to sleep and have a good night of rest, I will probably be able to tackle it all in the morning with a much clearer mind and it will be so much easier.

The thought of break and everything it entails! While it might seem counterproductive (and can be at times) the thought that if I can just get theses papers and projects done, I’ll be that much closer to break and with break comes…

My dog!

A small dog laying on a pile of nicely folded clothes

Torrey trying to prevent me from packing for school


Endless time to read books that I want to read!

Visiting my friends that are still in school!

A student taking a selfie with a friend standing in the background

A highlight of Winter Break last year was seeing my best friends from home.

And Thanksgiving!

While I love it here at Kalamazoo College and love the people dearly, by the end of each quarter the stress has me so strung out that I am anxiously waiting to go home. There truly is no place like home.

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