Homeschool Students

Kalamazoo College values the diverse experience homeschool students bring to our campus. To establish a standardized method of evaluating the distinct curricula of our homeschool applicants, we ask that you provide the following information:

  • An interview with an admission counselor. Your counselor will be an invaluable resource and we encourage you to be in touch with him/her throughout the application process.
  • Application for admission. We understand that there may be components of the application that may need modification depending on the uniqueness of your educational experience.
  • Letters of recommendation. While we value recommendations from family members, we ask that you also include outside references, such as a qualified mentor, tutor or teacher.
  • ACT or SAT score.


If you are working through a national degree-granting organization, please submit documentation of your work. If you are working independently of such an organization, we require a detailed portfolio of the coursework you have pursued. This may contain records such as grades from community college or other post-secondary level courses that you may have taken, scores from AP tests (these are also administered independently of schools), examples of independent research, evidence of completed units in science, English or other concrete academic subjects, and/or descriptions of books and other curricular materials used and mastered in preparation for college-level courses. GED results may also be submitted.

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