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Frisbee! (and how to balance extracurriculars)

I started playing on the women’s Ultimate Frisbee team my freshman year because a male friend who had played in high school encouraged me to try it out.  Like many K students in many student organizations, my dedication depended on how busy I was with school or other extracurricular commitments.  I had also never played a team sport before, so it was a new type of challenge for me.  It wasn’t until the winter of my sophomore year that I made a conscious decision to dedicate myself to the team.  Rather than trying to juggle shallow involvement in a zillion clubs, attending meetings sporadically, I decided to give this Frisbee thing a real shot.  After I came back from study abroad during junior spring, I continued to make more conscious choices about what I was involved in.  The breadth of my involvement decreased, as I gave up a leadership role in service-learning and my attendance at poetry club meetings fell by the wayside.  But I invested more deeply in the things I was passionate about.  At the beginning of this year (as a senior) I was named one of three captains of the Queen Beez, and I took on an internship in the Office of Admission.  I think that a lot of K students like to take on a few too many things, but my advice is to try out a bunch during your first year or two, but then figure out what makes you really excited, and delve deeper.  My time at K College wouldn’t be nearly as rich without the challenges and rewards that have come from really dedicating myself to a team I care about.

This year’s Women’s Frisbee captains: Brittany Dooley ’14, Michelle Keohane ’13, and Christina Lehman ’14

Enough of that life advice stuff, now onto the Frisbee!  The Kalamazoo College Queen Beez, our women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, just finished their competitive season last weekend.  We’ve had a fantastically memorable year, including a couple of fall tournaments, a co-ed Halloween tournament with our counterparts the Ultimate Buzz, and a spring break tournament in Georgia, not to mention countless pasta dinners, movie nights, and dance parties.   We had a phenomenal group of first years this year that have shown a lot of dedication, and we’re only losing two seniors, so we’re poised for a lot more growth and success next year, which is super exciting.  We’’re also a super spirited team, often seen dancing around on the sideline or playing mini-tanks.  It’s a huge relief to know that a team I love and believe in will continue to grow and develop even after I graduate.  I love my Beez!

Team dogpile at the end of Sectionals

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About Michelle Keohane ʼ13

Michelle Keohane is a senior at K College. She will graduate in June with a major in History and a minor in Spanish. Last year, she spent 6 months abroad in Valparaíso, Chile. Things that are currently on her mind: the Women''''''''s Ultimate Frisbee team and their spring break tournament in Georgia; her Senior Individualized Project, which she''''''''s been working on since last May; the post-graduate job search; and her pet fish, Zayn.