Fifth week is the same in every country.

There are few things more dreaded than the infamous fifth week at Kalamazoo College. Midterms, exams, and events all seem to collide around fifth week and even though you know it’s coming, there is no way to avoid it. Fourth week is bad because you are anticipating fifth week. Six and seventh weeks are usually bad because you are recovering or trying to catch-up, which may or may not ever happen.

Hey, look on the bright side. Fifth week does mark the halfway point of the quarter and that means it’s all downhill from here! (Interpret that on your own). In Budapest, I have had a similar fifth week experience. We have hit the halfway mark of classes and we get a weeklong fall break next week. Let’s face it, we’re all burnt out on CogSci and need some serious time to regenerate, sleep in, and have fun before heading into November.

Here’s how my fifth week went in Budapest: our class was called Philosophy of Language and was taught by a very enthusiastic Hungarian professor who reminded me of a stereotypical Transylvania vampire. His accent was very thick, he liked to repeat himself, and we would often be woken out of stupors by him shouting some nonsense phrases to further prove his already proven point. We also had events to attend last week that cut into our study time for the class. We went to a ballet at the state opera house one night and then the night before our exam, we went to a dubstep concert that lasted until 4:00am and the exam started at 9:00am.

So, sixth week has been pretty tame and we are revving up to have our fall break. Most people in the group are traveling – to Prague, Barcelona, Croatia, Rome, Vienna, etc. I am staying here as my mom and grandparents will be visiting, but we plan on taking a day trip to visit our family in Poland. We’ve hit the halfway point and classes end the first week of December – like I said, it’s all downhill from here.