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Exploring Kalamazoo’s Art Scene–For a Grade!

I’ve lived in Kalamazoo all of my life, but only recently have I come to appreciate the bustling art scene of the city.  Aside from an abundance of events occurring right on campus, there are so many opportunities to interact with local artists only blocks away in our downtown area.  There are monthly Art Hops, where local artists take over buildings downtown to show their work and mingle with the community (with free food and wine if you’re legal).  The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts showcases some more famous artists, including Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams!

I’ve been taking some art history classes because I want to understand what I’m looking at when I visit museums.  Thanks to my decision to stay on campus for junior year, I have some flexibility in my schedule.  I’m always impressed with how my professors are able to integrate the surrounding community into their curriculum. One of my current professors requires us to attend four art-related events each quarter and write a short review of them.

In a more unexpected assignment for my Creative Non-Fiction class, I was asked to sit in front of an art object for a long period of time and write about my experience.  I chose to visit the KIA and sit in front of one of my favorite pieces, Code Blue by Helen Frankenthaler.  The assignment was so interesting, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

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About Hadley Harrison ’16

Hadley is a junior English major with a concentration in Media Studies. Instead of journeying abroad, she is spending her junior year figuring out what her next steps are before starting her SIP in the fall. In her spare time, you can find her hosting a radio show on WJMD, wasting time on the internet, or becoming emotionally invested in television shows.